Meet the Trainer

Hannah is our lead trainer and sports massage therapist. Whether that is being fit and strong to meet the everyday challenges of life, or if you have a more specific fitness goal. Hannah will use her knowledge and experience to help her clients change their lifestyle to reach their goals.

Hannah has always been active. She first started as a sports coach, working at the Plymouth and Devon Sailing Schools Association, before moving on to coach for the International Optimist Association. On moving to Leeds Hannah swapped her dinghy for trainers and can often be found running the roads and trails of Yorkshire and now specialises in running, with beginners and pre/post natal clients. Hannah utilizes her sporting experience and combines this with her personal training knowledge to create and adapt sessions that keep you motivated.

Hannah’s training in complementary therapies enhances her approach to training. She is passionate about working with you as an individual, to understand how your mind and body can work in synergy.

Hannah combines her energy and passion to keep his clients motivated and engaged throughout their sessions. Hannah has helped clients with goals ranging from injury rehabilitation to post natal fitness to competing in marathons. Her training involves different techniques to keep training sessions varied, whilst ensuring that a client’s goals are still met. She strives to stay up to date with the latest information science has to offer and she believes that consistency and enjoying your training/diet is key.

So yes you can ‘eat carbs after 6pm’!

Get in touch with Hannah now on 07712 351295