lakeside fitness

Here at Lakeside Fitness we take an analytical but empathetic approach to developing a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness training

Lakeside fitness was born out of a love of movement, a connection to the outdoors. With that in mind we’ll help you to get out, get moving and get fit.


Here at Lakeside Fitness no food is forbidden. Our aim is to help you to make the best choices, so you can become your best self.

Sports massage

Sports massage forms an important part of any exercise regime. It is primarily used to maintain efficient soft tissue development.
Personalised plans from just £22 a month

Our Ethos

Here at Lakeside Fitness we take an analytical but empathetic approach to developing a healthy lifestyle. We take your willingness to change and your optimism for the future and help you to realise your full potential. As specialists in physical well being we offer bespoke physical training sessions for individuals.

“Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it’s a different breed of magic altogether.” – Stephanie Garber

Lakeside Fitness is a small, friendly organisation who offer personal and group training and sports massage therapy.  We have a specialist women’s health trainer and a running/duathlon coach.  We aim to give you a great experience which will leave you feeling physically fit and mentally recharged. Whether you’re arriving at the clinic for a sports massage or at Roundhay Park for a personal training session you’ll be greeted by our wam and bubbly staff who will put you at ease.  After a consultation to take into account any differing needs you may have, we will formulate a bespoke plan, and together to help you to achieve your goals. 

"I have been doing some personal training sessions with Hannah and I’m making great progress. I’m more confident doing the exercises when she is watching for my technique and correcting me if necessary. It’s also relaxed and fun and gets me out in the fresh air so I always feel really energised afterwards"


"I had a great experience visiting Hannah. I had been having some pain in my lower back and glutes and she did a great job at assessing and treating my problem. She’s very friendly and made me feel at ease. Will definitely come back again for future treatments!"

– Emma

"I've been attending Hannah's outdoor strength and conditioning classes at Roundhay park. She is a fantastic motivator and has got me doing things I didn't think I was capable of! The class is really fun and challenging but always balanced with rest or gentler movements and with the small group she can tailor it to suit each ability. She always places high value on form and technique (quality over quantity!). I had my stretching technique corrected and this was for ones I had been doing wrong for years, thanks Hannah! As a casual runner, it has been great to get tips and warmup exercise that are improving my running form."


"I had a massage in the clinic yesterday and I feel not just non achy today but really good in myself too. My body feels brilliant and I feel mentally great too! Hannah is not only really good at massage but also really listens to how you feel and what you need from it. I'd highly recommend."

– Jo

"If you live in Leeds and need to get some personal training to get fitter, I recommend giving Lakeside Fitness a go. They currently have special New Year offers. The pic is of me finishing Park Run in Roundhay Park with Hannah Parmley from Lakeside Fitness. (I am the OAP on the left). I was able to do it because I followed the training given by Lakeside Fitness. It took me slightly less than 4 months to go from a puffing rather 'chunky' crinkly to someone who was nowhere near last at my first attempt at Park Run in Leeds."


"Hannah has done a great job of identifying a back and neck pain issue, then treating it with sports massage. There was a good amount of time taken to work out likely causes to identify where physical treatment should start and afterwards, exercises to maintain a better posture etc. including rechecking the sitting position in a desk based job. Easy to forget best practice here, so great that Hannah covered those lifestyle gentle reminders with exploratory questioning too. I thoroughly recommend Hannah's Sports massage!"


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